Criminal Law

The Importance of Criminal Law Offices in California

Being charged with a crime, regardless of your innocence or guilt, will consume your time and energy. A criminal record could very well ruin your chances of a good career. It will affect your social status, how you are perceived by others, and your chances of getting employed by a reputable company. The rise of crime can be directly attributed to a growing population, and any lawyer from acriminal law office in California can attest to the fact that crime is on the rise in the Golden State.

A Criminal Law Firm in California

Criminal lawyers have the challenging job of getting their clients' acquitted or having their cases dismissed. Some people who have been charged with a crime, particularly those who have been charged with lesser crimes such as drug possessions or DUIs, question the need to hire a criminal lawyer. It may seem easier and less expensive to work with a public defender, or to accept a plea bargain, but both outcomes have their own set of disadvantages. Accepting a plea bargain may lead to a guilty plea and a conviction on a lesser crime. Often a guilty conviction can be avoided altogether. Public defenders do not always have the expertise, time, or desire to properly handle your case, which is why there is a need to hire an attorney from a reputable criminal law firm. California has some of the best and most respected criminal law firms in the nation.

Finding the right Criminal Law Attorney in California

A criminal law attorney in California will never be out of a job for long because every day, numerous people are charged with criminal offenses. There are over 190,000 violent crimes and 1,200,000 property crimes annually. Among the reported violent crimes, assault tops the list with over 114,000 reported cases just last year. Following assault, robbery had over 63,000 cases of robbery, nearly 10,000 cases of sexual assault, and over 2,500 attempted murders. The number of reported property crimes in the state of California is also quite alarming. There were nearly 700,000 reported cases of theft, over 250,000 reports of motor vehicle theft, and over 250,000 cases of burglary. These chilling statistics are concrete proof there will always be cases to handle and people to represent for criminal attorneys in California.

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